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Quick Start


To get started with GraphQL Scalars, install the packages as follows

npm install --save graphql-scalars


yarn add graphql-scalars

Integration to your existing GraphQL Schema#

GraphQL Scalars is easy to integrate in your existing GraphQL Schema. You need to add a scalar definition to your SDL type definitions and resolvers like below;

In your SDL type definitions#

scalar ScalarName

You can also import ready-to-use type definitions for scalars like below;

// or import specific typeDefs only with ES6 Importimport { ScalarNameTypeDefinition } from 'graphql-scalars';// or import specific typeDefs only with CommonJSconst { ScalarNameTypeDefinition } = require('graphql-scalars');// or import all typeDefs once with ES6 Importimport { typeDefs as scalarTypeDefs } from 'graphql-scalars';// or import all typeDefs once with CommonJSconst { typeDefs: scalarTypeDefs } = require('graphql-scalars');
const typeDefs = [  ...scalarTypeDefs,  // other typeDefs];// orconst typeDefs = [  ScalarNameTypeDefinition,  // other typeDefs];

Importing it in your resolver map#

You can either import the specific scalar's resolvers or all of the resolvers once.

// or import specific resolvers only with ES6 Importimport { ScalarNameResolver } from 'graphql-scalars';// or import specific resolvers only with CommonJSconst { ScalarNameResolver } = require('graphql-scalars');// or import all resolvers once with ES6 Importimport { resolvers as scalarResolvers } from 'graphql-scalars';// or import all resolvers once with CommonJSconst { resolvers: scalarResolvers } = require('graphql-scalars');

Adding to the root resolver map#

const myResolverMap = {  ScalarName: ScalarNameResolver,
  Query: {    // more stuff here  },
  Mutation: {    // more stuff here  },};

Using it in your type definitions#

That's it. Now you can use these scalar types in your schema definition like this:

type Person {  birthDate: DateTime  ageInYears: PositiveInt
  heightInInches: PositiveFloat
  minimumHourlyRate: NonNegativeFloat
  currentlyActiveProjects: NonNegativeInt
  email: EmailAddress  homePage: URL
  phoneNumber: PhoneNumber  homePostalCode: PostalCode}

These scalars can be used just like the base, built-in ones.